How We Serve Portfolio Managers

We provide services in portfolio surveillance, credit analysis, legal analysis, improvement in related technology, and distressed credit management to firms involved in municipal debt.

Credit Analysis

We offer an assessment of a municipal bond issue or issuer including their financial condition; pension and other liabilities; management; operational challenges; debt structure and related legal risks; economic strengths and weaknesses; sector regulatory environment; and demographic and regional trends that may affect credit conditions in the future.

Portfolio Analysis

We offer an overview of a public finance portfolio by sector and state, including a brief analysis of each obligor’s current financial condition, to identify any underperforming credit. We will also identify trends that may affect a particular credit in the future including changes in regulation and technology, economic, geographic and/or demographic conditions. We can also make recommendations to enhance portfolio monitoring and reporting.

Distressed Credit Monitoring and Workouts

We assist clients in the ongoing review of problematic credits and credit developments. This monitoring includes risk analysis, potential restructuring opportunities and implementation of possible solutions to minimize losses.

Data Management and Technology

We identify and recommend best practices for managing, reporting and storing data, improvements to workflow and technological solutions for dealing with ongoing credit analysis and surveillance, as well as appropriate data analyses to identify portfolio strengths and weaknesses.

In-House Credit Training

We offer customized training to clients’ employees on various aspects of municipal credit, financing vehicles and disclosure practices.