How We Serve Not-For-Profit Organizations

Bright Bay Advisors will assist not-for-profit organizations in identifying risks and opportunities within their organizations, and providing strategies to improve operations resulting in bottom-line gains and constituency satisfaction.

Bright Bay Advisors has the advantage of both:


a nationwide view of similar organizations


the ability to zero in on specific issues relating to particular organizations

We have the experience needed in helping organizations to realign operations, review legal obligations, and recommend options for improvements to meet organizational goals most efficiently and effectively.

As a result of this double-focused perspective, we can identify and help implement non-profit organization performance improvement projects such as:

  • Assistance with debt covenant compliance calculations for disclosure.

  • Improved disclosure compliance under SEC Rule 15c2-12.

  • Proper and efficient internal document management.

  • Assistance with preparation of presentations to ratings agencies, creditors and investors at the time of debt issuance and over the life of the debt to maintain an open and beneficial relationship with such organizations.

  • Identification of “best practices” for various operational and management processes.

  • Assurance that proper risk management policies exist and are followed.

  • Strategic performance improvement, including:

    • Setting financial goals and developing strategies in financial planning.

    • Operational improvements to minimize effort/costs and improve accuracy, including improved revenue collection.

    • Expense reduction through improved use of technology to reduce costs, optimize space use, improve management of assets and/or disposition of assets.

    • Strategic planning of long term goals, resources and obligations and identifying a path to goal attainment.

  • Review of the organizational goals and how these can be met most efficiently and effectively.